Latest situation at front line on Oct. 27

During the day on October 26 and night on October 27, the Armenian armed forces, which did not comply with the new humanitarian ceasefire regime, fired at the positions of the units of the Azerbaijan Army in various directions of the front and Azerbaijani human settlements near the frontline using various types of arms, SİA reports citing Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

Combat operations continued mainly in the Khojavend, Fuzuli, and Gubadli directions of the front. Attempts to attack were thwarted and the Armenian troops were driven back suffering losses.

As a result of the actions taken by the Azerbaijan Army, the forward command post of the 18th motorized rifle division of the Armenian armed forces was destroyed. Colonel Sergei Shakaryan, the chief of staff of the division was among the killed.

A large number of Armenian forces, as well as 1 - T-72 tank, 4 - D-30 and 3 - D-20 howitzer-guns, 1 - “OSA-AKM” anti-aircraft missile system, 1 - BM-21 "Grad" MLRS, 1 - radar station, and 6 - auto vehicles were destroyed and wrecked in different directions of the front.

At present, Azerbaijani troops are monitoring the operational situation.

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