We don’t have serious social problems, corruption is everywhere and we are fighting against it - President of Azerbaijan

Our economic performance is one of the best in the world. Economic decline in Azerbaijan in the ten months is less than 4 percent, President Ilham Aliyev said in an interview to U.S. Fox News TV channel, SİA reports.

“You can compare it with your own country, or with European countries. The level of unemployment in Azerbaijan is 7 percent, compare it with your own country. The level of poverty in Azerbaijan is five percent, compare it again. We don’t have serious social problems,” the head of state said.

“On COVID-19, Azerbaijan is considered as an example by the World Health Organization. We provided support to more than 30 countries, financial support, humanitarian support. Our economy is stable. Our economy is sustainable. And there was no need as you say to launch the war in order to cover some of the internal problems. It was on the other side, Armenia which is completely now in economic and social problems. They need to distract attention. It is the Armenian prime minister who puts the leading opposition party leader to jail. He is pursuing two former presidents,” the Azerbaijani president said.

President Aliyev then talked about the fight against corruption in Azerbaijan.

“We have introduced a broad economic reforms program. Many people, many government officials, and high ranking officials have been arrested recently for charges of corruption. Corruption is everywhere and we are fighting against it. With respect to the family rule, again, I would like to refer you to your own country, where important positions were held by father and son. Just the Bush family, Clinton family, husband, and wife, Kennedy family, and many other countries. So, it’s nothing different from what is happening in the United States,” the head of state said.

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