Russian expert: Rocket attacks on Azerbaijani civilians should be qualified as international terrorism act

Rocket attacks on Azerbaijani civilians should be qualified as an act of international terrorism, said Russian military expert Igor Korotchenko, SİA reports.

He noted that in the conditions when a ceasefire agreement was reached, a missile attack on a sleeping peaceful Azerbaijani city is no longer a war crime, it is an act of international terrorism.

"It is necessary to react to this, because in this case, the position of the Armenian Defense Ministry, which stated that all this is not true, is so cynical that even, to be honest, there are no words. It is one thing when soldiers are killed on the battlefield, another thing when a rocket attack is carried out in a sleeping city. This is an unprecedented event," the Russian expert said.

Korotchenko stressed that after the agreement reached in Moscow, along with doubts, there was also hope for the preservation of the truce.

"I would like to hope that Azerbaijan's reaction to the missile attacks on peaceful cities will be primarily diplomatic. But I emphasize once again that by its actions Yerevan ignores the agreement signed in Moscow," the expert said.

He recalled that the Moscow agreement was about substantive negotiations.

"What are the substantive negotiations now, when missile strikes are being carried out?! I do not know what the reaction of official Baku will be, but the situation looks absolutely deadlocked. Because on the one hand, there are missile strikes, and on the other hand, Azerbaijan will comply with the terms of the truce? I think there should be tough international pressure on Armenia," Korotchenko added.

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