Azerbaijan`s Foreign Ministry: By shelling peaceful residents in Tartar, Armenia demonstrates using terrorism against civilians

On September 28, 2020, the Azerbaijani city of Tartar has been under intense fire by the armed forces of Armenia since the early morning. Enemy forces purposefully target civilians and civilian objects in the city, Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“The use of terrorism against civilians and once again gross violation of international humanitarian law by shelling peaceful residents in the city of Tartar has been demonstrated by Armenia.

The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan have taken the counter-offensive measures in response to the new act of aggression by Armenia while declaring that they do not have a war against civilians, women and children, and have carried out the counter-attacks within the framework of international humanitarian law. The actions of the Armenian side, in violation of international law, demonstrate that the country uses all means, including war crimes, to achieve new plans of aggression.

We urge the international community to condemn in the strongest term the war crimes of Armenia which is indiscriminately shelling the Azerbaijani civilians,” the ministry added.

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