Ministry of Defense: News about bringing of militants from Syria to Azerbaijan is pure disinformation

“Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta publication in the article published by it and entitled as “The Syrian militants in Azerbaijan prepare for a blitzkrieg against Armenia” has presented to readers the information that doesn’t fully correspond with the reality, the press service of the Ministry of Defense told APA.

The author of the article Vladimir Mukhin who approached the article with the principle of “the more and the uglier is the lie, the more convincing it is” not referring to any reliable source, not presenting grounded evidence, misleads the readers: "We resolutely reject the fictitious news not corresponding with the reality and saying that as if a Turkish military base strengthened with fighter jets exists in Nakhchivan, and about 500 Syrian militants of Turkoman origin have been brought in Azerbaijan.

The groundless claims taken their place in the article and especially the news saying as if militants have been brought from Syria to Azerbaijan are pure disinformation and in no way reflects the reality. The biased character of the article is clearly sensed, the writings bear the character of deliberate intention and libel.On behalf of the Ministry of Defense we officially announce that there is neither a military base of any foreign country nor any other illegal armed unit on the territory of Azerbaijan. The professionalism and combat experience of the military personnel of the Azerbaijani Army, the military equipment and warfare means being in the inventory are sufficient for fulfillment in a short time of any combat task assigned for the purpose of liberation of our lands occupied by Armenia and restoration of territorial integrity of our country. The Azerbaijani Army demonstrated this in the battles in April of 2016 and in the operations implemented on the site of Tovuz region in 2020.

We recommend “Nezavisimaya qazeta” that it would be better to pay attention to the issue of making additions to the law “On defense”, which has been discussed in public in Armenia. Because this law allows Armenia, which faces mobilization reserves problems, to arm people even up to 70 by forcing establishment of a forming system of armed groups on voluntary basis. After the law come into force, Armenia will legalize the issue of completing the Army with hired fighters and terrorists, brought from hot points of the Middle East, especially Syria and Lebanon under the cover of voluntarism.

Official Yerevan, which is interested in dissemination of such disinformation, tries to create a suitable condition for escalation of the conflict by aggravating situation and involvement of many parties to there.”

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