Tactical-special exercise with radiological, chemical and biological defense units held - Defense Ministry

According to the training plan for the current year, the tactical-special exercise was held in field conditions with the radiological, chemical and biological defense units’ personnel, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense told SIA.

As part of the scenario, the units involved in the exercise were put on alert and withdrawn to the combat area.

During the exercise, practical actions on planning tasks for defensive operation’s radiological, chemical and biological defense, as well as on bringing tasks to units were worked out.

With the forces of the radiological and chemical reconnaissance units, the current conditions were observed and assessed, the imaginary enemy’s preparation for the use of mass destruction weapons was promptly identified and preventive measures were taken, as well as the safety of units operating in radiological, chemical and biological contamination environment was ensured.

The main objective of the exercise is to improve the knowledge and skills of commanders, as well as to create conditions for gaining experience in organizing comprehensive support for combat and ensuring interoperability.

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