West's agenda in South Caucasus not always aligned with regional interests, Moscow says

The agenda pushed by Western countries in the South Caucasus does not always correspond to the interests of the region's states, according to Mikhail Galuzin, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, SİA informs via RIA Novosti.

Commenting on the strengthening military cooperation between Paris and Yerevan, Galuzin stated, "External players come to the South Caucasus with their own agenda, which, to put it mildly, does not always align with the interests of regional states. Today, Western countries are entering the South Caucasus with an openly confrontational anti-Russian agenda. We believe that this will not contribute to stability and security in the South Caucasus."

The diplomat suggested that regional security can be "most effectively ensured through the efforts of the states in the respective region." He added, "We stand for regional responsibility both in terms of ensuring security and in terms of economic integration in the South Caucasus and other regions."

The statement comes amid reports of Armenia purchasing 36 CAESAR self-propelled artillery units from France. Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense previously expressed concern, stating that France, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, rearming Armenia, a country with a history of bloody military aggression, and supporting the Armenian leadership's policy of revanchism, is a manifestation of political irresponsibility that paves the way for a new war.

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