Azerbaijan defines directions of independent expert activity in country

The Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan has approved “Directions in which independent expert activity is carried out,” Trend reports.

Prime Minister Ali Asadov signed a resolution in this regard.

According to the resolution, independent experts will work in the following directions:

- automobile transport sphere - all motor vehicles;

- railroad transport - all railroad vehicles;

- water transport sector - all marine and inland water vehicles;

- air transportation - all air vehicles;

- property sector - real estate and movable property not related to other spheres of activity specified in these spheres;

- financial sphere - property interests of creditors, property interests of policyholders due to the fall in the market price of property and interruption of their business activities, as well as expenses related to legal services and proceedings;

- machinery - machine tools, equipment, machinery and mechanisms, technical devices, assembly and installation works, repair and construction works, electronic devices;

- agricultural crops and plant products - all agricultural crops and plant products;

- farm animals and area for animals raised for agricultural purposes - all farm animals;

- aquaculture products - aquaculture facilities.

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