Logo for COP29 Azerbaijan was presented

The content of the logo of COP29 has announced, this was stated at the press conference of the Board of the 29th session (COP29) of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change held today for journalists, APA reports.

Noted that the logo of COP29 contains the global problems that we face in connection with the climate changes and necessary collective activity in the fight against these difficulties.

The logo reflects motives such as solidarity and unity, inclusiveness, connection with nature. In addition, the leaf-shaped buta (ornament) in the logo represents the biodiversity of Azerbaijan and the power of nature-based solutions in adapting to the carbon capture and storage of plants, which are essential for the existence of our world.

The buta that represents air and wind expressed the sensitive balance required for the solutions of the problems in connection with atmosphere. The droplet-shaped buta reflects the essential need for water sustainability in the face of sea-level change, droughts, and floods.

The buta depicted in the form of fire represents the burning hearths of Azerbaijan and calls us to use energy responsibly for the sake of an emission-free future.

Joining together to form a circle, the two butas represent our mutual commitment and constant efforts for the sustainability of our home, the Earth.

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