Signing peace treaty with Armenia is inevitable - Azerbaijani FM

"One of the main directions in post-conflict period is the process done on peace treaty. Decpite this process being intensive, later there was a pause for about 6 months due to the boycott of the negotiations by Armenian side," said Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov.

“At last, a meeting was held in Washington in May with the direct participation of international mediators. Talks were held between the respective delegations of the two countries. Later, there has been continuation of this process at the level of leaders, several meeting were held in May. Negotiations on a direct peace treaty with the Armenian delegation took place in Moscow on a one-day stage.

In the near future, a new and next meeting is planned to be held in Washington. As you know the start of negotiations on peace treaty is an initiative of the Azerbaijani side, the basic principles were announced by Azerbaijan, and the first peace treaty draft was presented by Azerbaijan. We consider it inevitable to achieve peace in accordance with international law and principles. A peace treaty and an agreement on the normalization of interstate relations should be prepared and signed. It is impossible to predict how long this process will take," he stressed.

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