Vardanyan exposed for the whole world in BBC's Hard Talk program – ANALYSIS

Ruben Vardanyan, who described himself as the state minister of the so-called regime, got into a difficult situation and was even exposed on the BBC's "Hard Talk" program.

Vardanyan exposed himself as he tried to avoid the questions of the host of the show, Steven Sakur. He continued to hide the truth, the existing realities, then ended up in a very shameful, even pathetic position in the eyes of the international community, which was expected to happen.

Two years ago, on the same broadcast where Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was disgraced, the so-called state minister tried to score some points, but failed to do so. Ruben, who blinked in front of the questions of the host Stephen Sakur, avoided the questions as many points were revealed. This man, who wanted to show that he is more professional and more worthy than the Armenian Prime Minister, was disgraced even more than Nikol. After being questioned about his identity, what and where he served, Ruben, better than anyone knew that he has been exposed.

Vardanyan, who allegedly said that he came to Karabakh as a "defender of Armenian rights", showed and confirmed on the said broadcast that he did not come with this intention at all. The Armenians themselves understood this. It is no coincidence that Armenian press pages also openly mention this. It is even noted that Ruben came to those areas with a clear agenda and is a puppet of the Kremlin. It is immediately evident that this financial fraudster is still eyeing financial resources, and even those resources are planned to be a source of finance to further his "activity". Every time he was asked a question, Vardanyan, who hid as a Kremlin project, became even more confident.

During the interview, Ruben Vardanyan's inexperience and lack of understanding of politics is immediately felt. His style is not suitable for such politics, and it can only be called as 'cunning'. He was also convinced that the introduction of someone new to politics into the political arena can only be a project, and this project definitely has an author. Of course, it is clear that the author was a political technologist in Moscow. When answering questions, he avoided any reference to Kremlin. But what was in sight confirmed the opposite, although he tried so hard to cover up.

All Vardanyan's cover up efforts were in vain. The first point that confirmed this was that the so-called "minister of state" could not answer the questions as an independent opinion haver. He needed consultations in order to answer, he had an obligation to listen and follow the instructions. Ruben was not free willed, although he always went out of his way to portray himself as a minister of state. He was in a dead end faced with questions, his inability and worry to answer showcased as well. This means that Vardanyan is not the authority and the leash is in someone else's hands.

The notorious "state minister" of the so-called regime did not hesitate to say something about the differences between him and the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the air. Of course, Vardanyan was afraid that the project he was a part of would be exposed. His reluctance to talk about the differences between the Armenian Prime Minister and himself confirmed that he was sent by Moscow with a special agenda and serves the purpose of neutralizing Pashinyan, whom the Kremlin does not approve of at all. And to remove him if possible, through the 'new project' that is Vardanyan.

Another point confirming this is Vardanyan's intentional concealment of his close relationship with the Russian President. Undoubtedly, no one on the air expected a sincere answer or confession from Vardanyan, and his answers only helped to reveal some issues, which revealed his ulterior motive once again.

Well, why did Vardanyan leave the question about the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war on Armenia unanswered? In general, is there any doubt now that this man is hiding his master? He did not stay, because he came to Karabakh with special instructions and served Russia's strategic project at every step. It was in the "Hard Talk" program aired by the BBC that once again everyone was convinced that the Kremlin itself sent Vardanyan and is preparing it for Armenia through the Karabakh card. Especially for Pashinyan. Yes, it was made for Nikol, whom Russia has wanted to punish for a long time, and Ruben wants to hide it at all costs. Because in this plan, there may be a scenario of removing Nikol Pashinyan from power, and in this matter, Vardanyan intends to earn a dividend. Even today, if the influence of Robert Kocharyan or Serzh Sargsyan is not worth talking about in Armenia, if they have no influence and political weight, then Vardanyan wants to take advantage of this moment, although this may not be in Russia's plan.

There is no denying that Armenia's recent aggressive stance against Russia will not go unanswered. Armenians themselves are preparing for this and accept that it will happen someday. The point is that Vardanyan is also used in giving this answer. Against the background of the treacherous position of the stateless, it is already expected that Ruben will play the leading role in this project. This step, that is, to sacrifice one's country, one's state, one's people for some project, is not unusual for the Armenian character, let alone a dividend. This political dividend can be a material dividend, the main thing is that it does not matter for someone like Vardanyan, which Russia skillfully uses. Ruben, on the other hand, does not want to answer any questions, avoids them, or hides the truth so as not to show the outlines of future projects.

It is true that the "minister of state" of the so-called regime went too far in the "Hard Talk" program. His statement that "he will not leave Karabakh" can be considered the same as an attempt to jump too high. First, whether he will leave Karabakh or not, in short, Vardanyan's discretion is not in his hands. Because in the beginning, his thread is in the hands of the Russians, he must and will do whatever they order. In other words, Ruben does not even have the authority to make a decision, and what he said was calculated to hide something else. On the other hand, the Azerbaijani side will not allow this financial swindler to play games in the territory of Karabakh. He can be neutralized at any moment during anti-terrorist operations, and that means his end, not just him leaving Karabakh. From this point of view, Ruben Vardanyan's idea is nothing but nonsense.

"I came here to fight," said Ruben Vardanyan, revealing himself on the "Hard Talk" program. It is true, the presenter clearly says that you should live by the laws of Azerbaijan, who wants peace, but he repeats what he previously said. All this does not go unnoticed by millions of viewers. Until today, those who believe Armenian lies, those who want to believe them, and those who circulate these lies have observed a different picture. What they observed was that one of the leaders of the separatists openly says that we do not want peace, we want war. In saying this, Ruben exposed himself and all the separatists. The world community once again saw and became convinced that the intention of the separatists is not peace at all, but war and war only.

In a word, the "state minister" of that so-called regime, who revealed his true face, was exposed at the international level. The host of the show Stephen Sakur nailed Ruben Vardanyan to the wall in front of everyone. Vardanyan got his share, but the most remarkable thing was his repeated expose of himself.

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