Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan joins AIPA as Observer Member

The 2nd plenum of the 43rd General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Cambodia was marked by an event remarkable for the Azerbaijani parliamentarism, namely, a ceremony of the admission of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis to the Assembly as an observer member.

The tricolour of Azerbaijan was brought to the stage accompanied by guards of honour first at the ceremony of official admission of states as AIPA observer members.

Chairman of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia and President of the 43rd General Assembly of the AIPA Akka Moha Ponhea Chakri Heng Samrin delivered the document on admission of the Milli Majlis as an observer in the ASEAN IPA to Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Sahiba Gafarova.

Remarkably, national parliaments’ applications for this status are considered for 2-3 years before decisions are made; this is in accordance with the internal statute of the AIPA. The application of the Milli Majlis, though, has been considered in a priority order and has been endorsed immediately.

The US Congress, the National Assembly of Nepal and the Parliament of Georgia became observer members of the AIPA alongside Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis at the sitting. It was said there that new observers’ involvement in the organisation’s work will bring substantial contributions to it.

The ceremony was followed up by meetings with representatives of the national legislatures admitted to the Assembly.

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