World's deepest shipwreck discovered

Explorers have found the deepest shipwreck ever identified, a US navy destroyer escort sunk during WWII.

The USS Samuel B Roberts went down during the Battle off Samar in the Philippines in October 1944. It lies in 6,895m (4.28 miles) of water.

Texan billionaire and adventurer Victor Vescovo, who owns a deep-diving submersible, discovered the "Sammy B" battered but largely intact.

The vessel is famed for a heroic final stand against the Japanese.

Outnumbered and outgunned, it managed to contain and frustrate several enemy ships before finally going down.

Of the Samuel B Roberts' 224-man crew, 89 were killed. The 120 survivors had to cling to life rafts for 50 hours before being rescued.

Mr Vescovo, a naval reservist in his time, said it was an extraordinary honour to locate the lost ship and by doing so have the chance to retell its amazing story of heroism and duty.

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