Lithuania uses mannequins to keep social distancing in bars and restaurants

Restaurants and bars in Lithuania’s capital have found a way to pack the house while maintaining social distancing: mannequins in seats that must remain closed to customers, SIA informs.

The faux customers are dressed casually or with an artistic flair, sometimes even for a ball, and some wear masks. They sit at selected tables, ensuring that actual customers are kept at a proper distance during the pandemic.

“Empty tables inside our restaurant look rather odd,” said Bernie Ter Braak, the owner of the downtown restaurant “Cosy.”

“We don’t have any way to remove them.”

Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Simasius on Thursday called the initiative a “perfect match of communal spirit and creativity working side by side”. Lithuania, a nation of some 2.8 million, is one of the European Union countries least affected by the coronavirus. Social distancing is in force until May 31.

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