General Customs Department prevents "iPhone" mobile phone smuggling

An attempt to smuggle a large amount of mobile phones across the customs border of the country was prevented by the employees of the General Customs Department of Air Transport.

The citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan, who arrived on the Doha-Baku flight, were directed to the "Red channel" by the customs officers when they wanted to leave the customs control zone through the "Green channel" release system. When suitcases belonging to citizens passed through the X-ray machine, it was determined that images similar to mobile phones were reflected. During the inspection, 40 pieces from the suitcase of a citizen of the Russian Federation, and 41 pieces from the suitcase of a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a total of 81 pieces of various memories branded "iPhone" (15 pieces "iPhone 14 Pro 128gb", 20 units "iPhone 14 Pro 256gb", 5 units "iPhone 14 Pro 512gb", 20 units "iPhone 14 Pro Max 128gb", 20 units "iPhone 14 Pro Max" 256gb", 1 unit iPhone 13 Pro 256 gb") mobile phones was discovered.

Both facts are currently under investigation.

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