Azerbaijan arrests its citizen spying for Armenia

Azerbaijani citizen Aydin Zakiyev (1970), suspected of spying for Armenia, has been arrested, SİA informs referring to the website of Azerbaijan’s State Security Service.

As a result of the operational and search measures, it was established that Azerbaijani citizen Aydin Zakiyev, to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, state security and defense capability of Azerbaijan, was engaged in assisting representatives of the Armenian special services in carrying out hostile activities against Azerbaijan.

It was also proved that Zakiyev received the task to persuade other persons to secretly cooperate with the Armenian special services. Zakiyev was detained.

The investigation established that having entered into collusion with the special services of Armenia, Zakiyev received assignments through persons in a third country and transmitted to the enemy country information on special cases of staffing the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, assisted the Armenian special services by organizing the dissemination of information prepared in advance that didn’t correspond to reality and which was aimed at creating an ethnic confrontation in the country.

Aydin Zakiyev was prosecuted under Article 274 (high treason) and others of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan and was arrested by a court decision.

Investigative and operational measures are underway on the criminal case.

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