Azerbaijani Ministry of Emergency Situations continues search, rescue operations in Barda

Armenia continues shelling civilian facilities with heavy artillery and missiles in rude violation of the humanitarian ceasefire, SİA reports citing the Azerbaijani Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Armenian armed forces continue causing destructions and fires in civilian infrastructure, hitting Azerbaijani dense residential territories, civilian facilities, including private and apartment buildings, and households using heavy artillery installations and rockets, in rude violation of the humanitarian ceasefire.

Today, as a result of missile strikes by the Armenian armed forces, several civilian facilities were destroyed and cars became unusable in Barda city. The relevant forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved in the area. According to preliminary reports, 19 people were killed and around 60 were injured due to strikes by the adversary.

A search and rescue operation is underway currently. Additional information will be provided.

Note that the Ministry of Emergency Situations operates in an enhanced mode at the moment. Please, immediately call the “112” hotline of the Ministry in case of any emergency.

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