Six wounded as bloody brawl caps day of Hong Kong mall chaos

A bloody knife fight in Hong Kong left six people wounded on Sunday evening, including a local pro-democracy politician who had his ear bitten off, capping another chaotic day of political unrest in the city, AFP reports.

Flashmob rallies erupted inside multiple shopping centres across the international finance hub over the afternoon, sparking frequent clashes with riot police.The violence was less sustained than Saturday when police and protesters fought hours of cat and mouse battles after thousands took the streets for an unsanctioned march.But the day ended with a brutal fight taking place outside a mall in Tai Koo Shing, a middle-class neighbourhood on the main island where protesters had gathered for much of the afternoon.

Live broadcasts showed Andrew Chiu, a local pro-democracy councillor, with much of one ear severed.A second man was unconscious in a growing pool of blood as bystanders desperately tried to stem wounds to his back.Another man in a grey t-shirt had been beaten bloody by the crowd who accused him of carrying out the attack and wounding multiple people.

RTHK news, which filmed the brawl, reported that the attacker was a Mandarin speaker, the predominant language on the Chinese mainland, and had been arguing with his victims about politics before he pulled out a knife.He bit off Chiu's ear when the councillor tried to tackle him after the assault. A knife could also be seen lying on the floor outside the mall where the fight took place.Police told that six people in total were wounded, four men and two women, and that three were arrested, without giving further details.

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