Azerbaijani border guards shot warning fire at border with Iran, seize 15,6 kg narcotics

On February 19, at 03:30, the violation of the state border by 3 unknown persons in the direction of the Republic of Azerbaijan from the Islamic Republic of Iran was observed by the border guards in the service territory of the "Goytapa" border detachment of the Border Troops of the State Border Service of the Azerbaijan (SBS), the SBS told SİA.

Despite the "Stop" order being issued by the border guard and a warning fire being shot into the air, the border violators did not obey the order, and by taking advantage of the darkness and the complexity of the terrain, they ran back to the territory of Iran.

As a result of the conducted search measures, 15 kilograms and 600 grams of narcotic marijuana, 30 Prostahealth and 1000 Metadon M-40 pills, which are considered to be a powerful effective substance, were found and seized from the area.

Operational-investigative measures are ongoing into the fact.

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