Erdogan changes Turkey’s brand to Türkiye

Türkiye (Turkey) is now a new export brand of Turkey aimed at increasing the recognition of famous Turkish brands and products abroad.

SİA informs citing Anadolu agency that the text of the decree of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was published in Resmi Gazete on Saturday.

The text of the decree notes that the decision to change the country's brand is another comprehensive step reflecting the rich culture and heritage of the country, designed to confirm the good faith of the domestic manufacturer as a reliable supplier of quality products.

The document notes that the term "Türkiye" (Turkey) most fully reflects the culture and values of the Turkish people. In this regard, it was decided to rename the country's brand. From now on, instead of the "Made in Turkey" brand, export products will be exported under a single "Made in Türkiye" brand.

At the same time, in all official documents of the country, including any correspondence with foreign states and organizations, instead of the words "Turkey", "Turkei", "Turquie", etc., a single term "Türkiye" will be used.

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