Azerbaijan's Ministry of Agriculture Head Receives Citizens' Complaints

The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Azad Cəfərli, received citizens from Dashkasan region at the State Agrarian Development Center on May 30, SIA reports.

During the meeting, citizens presented their complaints and concerns related to agricultural subsidies, insurance, seed production, and equipment maintenance. The official listened carefully to each citizen's concerns and assigned tasks to address these issues in a timely manner.

Some of the issues raised by citizens were resolved on the spot, while others were taken under review for further investigation. Unrelated issues were forwarded to relevant institutions for processing.

After the meeting, Azad Cəfərli met with the staff of the Dashkasan State Agrarian Development Center, discussing registration and innovations in the Electronic Rural Development Information System, as well as the organization of agricultural processes.

Later, Azad Cəfərli visited the apiary farm of Bəndər Əsgərov in the Upper Dashkasan settlement, where he inspected the farm's productivity indicators, processing of honey products, and sales arrangements.

The official also visited a livestock farm owned by Etibar Əliyev in Bayan village, where he discussed animal husbandry practices, animal care and living conditions, and the quality of veterinary services with the farmer.

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