Mexico launches 'Youth Climate Ambassadors' Program for COP29

On the eve of the 29th session of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29), Mexico has introduced a new initiative. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Latin American Climate Reality Project, is implementing the "Youth Climate Ambassadors" program, selecting 35 young individuals from Mexico.

This unique collaboration aims to select 35 young representatives from Mexico to participate in the upcoming ACOP29 event, SIA reports with reference to AZƏRTAC.

Various institutions, including the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJUVE), the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), and the Matias Romero Institute (IMR), are providing support for the project.

The program seeks to ensure the inclusive representation of youth to address the urgent climate situation. This is considered crucial for presenting unique perspectives during discussions at COP29, hosted by Baku, and eliminating obstacles to climate justice.

Highlighting the necessity of empowering youth to play an active role in shaping the future, the program emphasizes that young people are also the leaders of tomorrow.

The Latin American Climate Reality Project and responsible institutions will conduct in-depth training for young participants on adaptation, mitigation tools, and international negotiations on climate change.

"As COP29 approaches, the world turns its eyes to Baku, opening a new chapter in climate action. Through the 'Youth Climate Ambassadors' program, Mexico sends not only representatives but a message of hope, engagement, and urgency. The world awaits the impact of these young voices on the global climate agenda, reaffirming that every voice is important in saving our planet," the information notes.

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