Opening Khojaly airport is of Armenia's political ignorance

Thanks to the efforts of International Association Israel-Azerbaijan, it has become an important tradition in Israel to celebrate the Day of the victims of the Khojaly massacre committed by Armenian terrorists.

The statement came from former Deputy Minister of Defence of Israel, head of the Centre of strategic dialogue at the University of Netanya, General Ephraim Sneh, opening a photo exhibition dedicated to the 21st anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy, held by International Association Israel-Azerbaijan with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation within campaign Justice for Khojaly at the Diaspora Museum of the Tel-Aviv University, reports.

Referring to the opening of the Khojaly airport in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, Ephraim Sneh called the attempt to open the airport a peak of arrogance and political ignorance of the Armenian leadership.

"This attempt to open the airport is contrary to all norms of international law and a threat to regional security. We all remember how 21 years ago Armenian terrorists committed genocide against the Azerbaijani people. Today the opening of the airport in Khojaly is a deliberate action of the Armenian leadership and its puppet regime to show disrespect to the memory of Azerbaijanis killed. Any flight from the airport is a continuation of the policy of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, and it is a violation of the airspace of Azerbaijan," said the Israeli general.

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