Strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Russia to continue-Ali Hasanov

'The 3rd Russia-Azerbaijan Inter-Regional Forum aims to discuss the regional aspects of the strategic partnership between the two countries, to value current situation in this sphere and determine the directions of future priorities'.

The statement came from the head of public policy department of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov.

He noted that Russia is a strategic partner for Azerbaijan:

"Russia is the largest post-soviet country and the relations of Azerbaijan with this country are very significant. The relations between Azerbaijan and Russia serve the interests of both Russian and Azerbaijani people. The presidents of the two countries Ilham Aliyev and Vladimir Putin have determined this course and it will continue in the direction of strategic partnership."

Hasanov responded question on the issue of Gabala Radar Station: "The issue on the radar station was not discussed during the forum. In general, defense and security issues were not mentioned in the forum."

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