Opposition members interested not in Karabakh, but power-Ali Hasanov

Look, Azerbaijani opposition takes how shameful anti-Azerbaijan position.

They took the guests to the micro districts and show that the asphalt was ruined here. Why don’t they take them to the refugee camps?", said Head of Public Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov.

Hasanov said that most of opposition members were from Karabakh and saw the war: "But they are interested not in Karabakh, but power. They know well who will give the power to them. But it is needed to occupy Azerbaijan and pass only over the bodies of dead Azerbaijanis for it. The opposition, which united in anti-Azerbaijan platform, still considers that the West will bring them to the power. The persons, who don’t give account in front of their people, want to come to power. The organizations that don’t rely on people’s confidence can be strong."

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