'Incidents in Kazakhstan and Russia can't affect Azerbaijan'

'Azerbaijani opposition's wish to get advantage of events happening in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries is quite understandable for us.

Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani opposition has begun to make moves with the influence of processes in the world but not with the will of Azerbaijani society. We witnessed it in the last three years: After processes in Georgia, Kirgizstan, Libya, Tunis, Egypt and other countries, we feel some behaviors in the activity of the Azerbaijani opposition', head of social and political department at the Presidential Administration, Ali Hasanov told journalists.

The department head noted that one should bank on the will of nation to reach success on Azerbaijan: If they don’t meet the will of the nation, all of their plans, dreams and desires are doomed to failure and it will be so. Therefore, we never mix and search for connection between foreign processes and domestic issues of Azerbaijan. Such connection doesn’t exist at all.

What do the small conflict in Kazakhstan, social and political processes in Russia or in any other countries have to do with Azerbaijan?! Each country has its domestic regulatory mechanisms. And these are relations between government and people. If a government banks on the will of nation and meets its needs – social, political, economic needs and wishes, this government is strong and any attempt to make conflicts in such societies is doomed to failure.

But if current government doesn’t meet demands of nation and not supported, such society is fragile. Azerbaijan doesn’t belong to this category because there is unanimity between the government and nation. The government's policy today is supported by the nation. Therefore, to link any of such processes to Azerbaijan is groundless.

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