Brazilian left supporting Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to an unexpected convergence in the political arena. Indeed, all over the world left-wing parties, activists and even prominent leftist politicians are joining the far right in voicing their support for – or at least excusing – the Kremlin’s aggression against a much smaller sovereign nation.

This strange phenomenon is perhaps most visible in Brazil, where supporters of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro and his left-wing rival, former president Lula da Silva, are both working hard to demonstrate why Russia should not be blamed Ukraine.

Just like their counterparts on the right, left-wing supporters of the Kremlin insist that it was NATO that provoked the war and that Russia is simply defending itself. They are also dismissing credible reports of war crimes, crimes against humanity and even genocide coming from Ukraine as Western “distortions” and “NATO propaganda” funded by George Soros (ironically also the bogeyman of the anti-Semitic far right), in defense of Ukrainian “Nazis” trying to destroy Russia.

Behind all this, of course, there is a justified mistrust of the US and NATO – leftists in Brazil have much reason to question any narrative supported by the empire that inflicted so much pain on their region. After all, there is not a single right-wing dictatorship on the continent that was born without a degree of US support or encouragement.

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