Ukrainian Forces strike Russian ship "Kommuna" in Sevastopol

On April 21, Ukrainian soldiers launched strikes against Russia's "Kommuna" ship in Sevastopol.

According to Dmitri Pletenchuk, a representative of the Ukrainian Navy, the operation was carried out by the Ukrainian Naval Forces, SIA reports.

"Today, in Crimea, the Ukrainian Naval Forces removed Russia's Black Sea Fleet vessel, the 'Kommuna.' The extent of the damage is being assessed. However, the ship is currently unable to perform its duties. Their ships will run out," Pletenchuk added.

The "Kommuna" is one of the oldest ships in the Russian fleet. It was launched in 1913 during World War I and became part of the Baltic Fleet in 1915.

The vessel was part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and was stationed in Sevastopol. The "Kommuna" was intended for search and rescue operations of underwater vehicles and served as a carrier for underwater transportation. It is the only ship capable of performing such tasks in the Black Sea.

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