NATO Parliamentary Assembly members convene for annual meeting in Brussels

Members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO-PA) gathered for their annual meeting at NATO's headquarters in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

According to SIA news, in a written statement by NATO, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg met with the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Michal Szczerba, to discuss crucial issues on the European security agenda at the headquarters.

Following the meeting, Stoltenberg and Szczerba chaired the annual meeting of the assembly's North Atlantic Council.

During the session, assembly members discussed topics such as defense expenditures, the expansion of the transatlantic industrial base, Ukraine's path to NATO membership, regional security challenges, and energy security.

Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that such meetings create vital connections between NATO's democratic institutions and its allies, contributing to increased awareness of NATO policies.

The NATO Secretary-General highlighted the necessity of continuous parliamentary support in implementing decisions adopted at NATO's summit in Vilnius last year and sustaining aid to Ukraine.

Representing Turkiye at the meeting was MHP Member of Parliament and leader of the Turkish delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Mavlud Cavusoglu, from the Justice and Development Party.

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