ICRC reports 23,000 casualties in Russia-Ukraine War since February 2022

The International Red Cross Committee (IRCC) has released a statement providing information on the casualties resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war since February 2022.

The statement from the IRCC acknowledges that 23,000 individuals have been reported as casualties of the Russia-Ukraine war, SIA reports with reference to foreign media.

The statement further indicates that these casualties include individuals who have been taken as prisoners of war, killed, or displaced from their homes.

The IRCC emphasizes ongoing investigations to clarify the fate of the casualties and sheds light on the circumstances surrounding their disappearance.

Dusan Vucasan, the head of the Central Monitoring Bureau of the IRCC, noted that families have the right to know what has happened to their missing relatives. Vucasan highlighted the assistance provided by the IRCC in facilitating communication with the families of the thousands of individuals who have gone missing.

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