President Ilham Aliyev: 'We always wanted to protect Azerbaijan from any kind of a rivalry'

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev answered the Euronews channel’s question regarding the head of state’s vision on the competition or cooperation in the region, SİA informs.

“Well, as far as Azerbaijan is concerned, I see cooperation. That is mainly because of the policy of our country. We always wanted to protect Azerbaijan from any kind of a rivalry, from any kind of a geopolitical struggle or battle between big powers, and I think we managed to achieve that. Azerbaijan is considered as a reliable partner to many big international actors, and we see a real result of that cooperation. If you look at the energy development in Azerbaijan, you'll see a broad international presence. If you look at the transportation sector, you'll see that both corridors - East-West and North-South – cross our country and our neighbors and many countries in different regions are benefiting from that.

If you see the situation with respect to the political development, Azerbaijan is also a country with the independent foreign policy, which conducts its policy based on national interests. One of the important factors is not to transform your country into the area of confrontation or competition but rather to protect the state from bad influence and attempts to interfere into its domestic affairs. So, we successfully managed to diminish these risks. And, that's why Azerbaijan now is a country with big international potential, good international reputation, and a country, which managed to attract more than 300 billion US dollars of investments during the last 20 years,” the Azerbaijani leader said.

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