AQTA: Defects were identified in 42 catering establishments

The Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AQTA) continues to take measures to protect consumer rights and ensure food safety.

According to the Agency's Information Assurance and Innovative Solutions Department, on October 3, during the monitoring of 43 commercial enterprises and 27 public catering establishments operating in the territory of the republic by the agency's employees, deficiencies were identified in a total of 42 enterprises. In those institutions, 40 defects related to failure to undergo initial and periodical medical examination of workers included in the mandatory group, and 16 defects related to acceptance of animal products without veterinary certificate or certificate were detected. Appropriate measures have been taken in accordance with the requirements of the legislation regarding the detected defects.

Further information about the establishments, the defects related to initial and periodical medical examination of employees in the mandatory group, can be found through this link:

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