Teknofest is Turkey's largest aviation, space and technology festival. The event is organized annually by the Turkish Technology Team - T3 Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey since 2018. The holding of the Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival in Azerbaijan for the first time outside Turkey is another manifestation of the friendly, fraternal and strategic alliance between the two countries. The Technofest festival will be held in our country on May 26-29. But what do city dwellers think about the Teknofest festival? As SIA, we conducted a survey among city residents:

City resident Madina Orujova: "Of course, holding such a festival in Azerbaijan is important for our country. I also want to participate in this festival. Preparations are underway for this festival. I think it is an important festival."

Nurana Abbasova, a resident of the city, said: "Technological tools and unmanned aerial vehicles of Turkey and Azerbaijan will be exhibited at this festival. The Technofest festival is important for Azerbaijan. It also demonstrates the strength of two brothers - Azerbaijan and Turkey."

City resident Elgun Asgarov: "This festival is important for Azerbaijan. The strength and equipment of Azerbaijan and Turkey will be demonstrated here. I would also like to participate in this festival. I think this is another success of Azerbaijan."

City resident Tunzala Bagirova: "Teknofest" festival is of great importance for Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani state has already demonstrated its strength to the whole world. I think this will introduce our state to the world once again. Everything Azerbaijan does is an example to the world. I think this will be an example for the world. "

Sevinj Ismayilova, a resident of the city, said: "We are planning to go to the Technofest festival as a family. Children want to see the equipment and technology there. In addition, Azerbaijan is already a modern state and many important events and festivals are held in Azerbaijan. This festival is a great opportunity for our country." It will once again introduce Azerbaijan to the world. "

City resident Agil Mammadov: "I think this festival will be interesting. It is important for Azerbaijan. I think this festival will further strengthen the brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey."

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