Azerbaijan and Turkey to provide special forces in the exercise with free medical services mutually

Exercise of Azerbaijani and Turkish Special Forces will be postponed or canceled in the case of infection disease, confirmed by the WHO, it has been reflected in the draft law "On confirmation of Memorandum of Understanding "On exercise of Special Forces of Azerbaijani Army and Turkish Armed Forces between Government of Azerbaijan and Government of the Republic of Turkey"", SİA reports.

According to the Memorandum, personnel of the sending country will leave with medicine and equipment, enough for the period of dislocation, determined in advance.

The host country will freely provide the personnel of the sending country with emergency medical services and emergency evacuation services. Insurance premiums treatment service costs of the personnel of the sending country will be paid by the sending country or the personnel of the sending country.

The host country will inform the sending country in the case of death or injury. In the case of death, in order to obey the policy of the sending country, the host country will coordinate with the sending country before the procedures or autopsy. One representative of the sending country (if possible, a doctor) has the authority to attend the autopsy and get one copy of the final autopsy report.

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