Lukashenko: "Very hard work must be done to restore life in liberated territories"

"Against the background of all these pandemics and other events, our meeting may seem a bit like a burden. However, true friends do not delay actions that need to be taken on time. This is what we are doing and no pandemic can stop that," said President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a one-on-one meeting with President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, SİA reports.

You have rightly said that our relations in political and economic areas are very diverse in terms of specific directions, they are very appropriate and nothing can harm them. We do not hinder anyone and no-one can hinder us. Because if you want to do something, it is difficult to stop it.

Indeed, Azerbaijan has taken a huge step towards achieving its national dream. But this is only the first step. We talked about it a lot yesterday. I am very glad that you, as a true friend of the Belarusian people, know that there is still much work to be done, very hard work must be done to restore life in the liberated territories, and very much peaceful work must be done. You should know that you have reliable friends in Belarus. You know our possibilities. Today we will discuss them again with ministers and experts. If we come to an agreement, as we have always done, we will always implement the agreements, as evidenced by the fact that the turnover has reached half a billion now. In general, there were no such situations before you became President. Therefore, this is a good result in terms of dynamics.

As for our political relations, it is difficult to say that we are missing something or that there is a certain negative factor. We do not have such factors. Our relationship is excellent and I am always proud of that. We have restored the most cordial relations in all directions since the Soviet era. I am especially grateful to you for your support in the supply of hydrocarbons to Belarus, especially in difficult times. This morning, I thought that perhaps we should consider deepening our relations in this sensitive area, because Belarus is at the center of economic and political events. However, there are no unresolved issues. Thank you, as I just said, for finding time to discuss these issues at a very busy time for Azerbaijan," President of Belarus said.

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