Thousands of bodies handed over to Armenia, says Azerbaijani President

"We cannot guarantee that other sabotage groups will not try to enter it. We ensure the security of those areas, conduct regular raids, and monitor the areas. We do this through both drones and others," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the press conference held in a video format for local and foreign journalists, SİA reports.

The head of state said that the main difficulty is demining the area: "Because the Armenian side did not provide us with maps of mined areas. This can also be considered a crime. Because after the end of the military operations, there have been several cases in which both our servicemen and civilians were killed in those areas. Because we have not been provided with maps of those areas and minefields. Of course, we cannot clear mines at full speed with the means at our disposal. We see the insincere behavior of the Armenian side. Because they say one thing, they do another. We gave them the bodies of their killed soldiers. Thousands of bodies of the Armenian side were found in the liberated territories together with peacekeepers and handed over to the Armenian side. We behave ourselves on the principles of morality and humanity. However, not giving maps of mined areas and deliberately endangering people casts doubt on any cooperation. Because cooperation cannot be one-sided."

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