Korotchenko: "I was in Fizuli and Aghdam. Those cities are wiped out"

"On the one hand, I certainly felt joy for Azerbaijan since the horrors of the 30-year occupation finally ended, and the lands were returned. On the other hand, I saw the devastated cities and villages. I was in Fizuli and Aghdam. These cities are wiped out," a military expert, editor-in-chief of the Nationalnaya Oborona magazine Igor Korotchenko told commenting on his Karabakh visit.

The expert said that the cities made him feel as if an atomic bomb had exploded there.

"But this is an atomic bomb of 'hatred' for Azerbaijan. Therefore, there is much work to be done ahead to restore Karabakh. It will require significant financial resources and take many years," he noted.

According to Korotchenko, the calls for revenge, which are now being heard in Armenia, cannot be implemented.

"Azerbaijan tore out Armenia's fangs of aggression. Therefore, an attempt at revenge is impossible. The Armenian army is defeated. If it tries to attack Azerbaijan, it will be an act of international aggression. And the aggressor will pay a very high price for this. In this case, the CSTO and Russia will have no reason to help Armenia," the expert said.

Korotchenko condemned the conduction of an exhibition of Azerbaijani carpets that Armenians stole from the Shusha museum.

"Carpets are a national treasure of Azerbaijan. They were stolen from the city of Shusha. I think Armenians committed an act of looting on a state level. Of course, this deserves the unequivocal condemnation of the international community," the expert noted.(Report)

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