New facts about mercenaries brought by Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh

Despite repeated denials by the Armenian military-political authorities, including Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, new facts were discovered about the use of foreign mercenaries, including terrorists, in the second Karabakh war by the Armenian Army, reports.

Experts and journalists from different countries share facts, information and photos about mercenaries recruited by the Armenian army in their social media accounts.

Asaad Hanna, a foreign journalist, human rights activist and social media expert, revealed the names of three fighters recruited from Syria to Nagorno-Karabakh in his Tweet.

"Three Syrian boys from Aleppo - Arut, Haqub and Musek - died fighting against Azerbaijan," he tweeted.

Syrian political commentator Kevork Almassian also tweeted that several fighters from the Arab republic had been killed in the Karabakh war. He also provided facts about foreign fighters - photos and names

"The Armenian Revolutionary Federation is mourning the recent deaths of three soldiers in Syria, Harut Panoyan, Hagop Astaryan and Mosik Mosik Seklemyan," he said in his tweet.

All these, as well as other facts, prove that the military-political leadership of Armenia has involved mercenaries from Syria and other countries in the military operations held in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories regarding the inability of its army to fight in Karabakh. However, official Yerevan accused Baku of bringing foreign mercenaries to Karabakh. The goal is clear - to cover up war crimes committed in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

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