War against pandemic still being waged - Azerbaijani First VP Mehriban Aliyeva

Thanks to the timely and thoughtful measures, we have so far managed to avoid a catastrophic scenario that, unfortunately, many countries have faced. According to the experts, our country is among those that survived the first and very dangerous stage of the epidemic with the least losses, Azerbaijani First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva said in an interview to SİA News Agency.

“We managed to create a professional team coordinating all aspects of the fight against the epidemic, consolidate the necessary technical and human resources. Quarantine measures that helped to reduce the rate of spread of the coronavirus were applied. Together we were able to save our homeland from the destructive spread of the disease,” Azerbaijani First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva said.

“Unfortunately, the virus, which has brought so much misery and suffering to many countries and peoples, has not been defeated yet. It still poses a big threat - deteriorating statistics around the world testifies to this. The war against the pandemic is still being waged. Numerous restrictions are re-entering into force in many European countries.

Our country, unfortunately, is no exception. There has been an increase in the number of infected people, some restrictions have been reintroduced in educational institutions, public transport recently.

I urge each of you not to forget about the danger of coronavirus, to follow the elementary rules that have been adhered to for so many months - to wear masks, keep distance, not to visit crowded places without urgent need. All of these well-known rules will help reduce the risk of infection, and therefore protect us and our loved ones. We always treat the older generation with special care and respect. And during the first stage of the pandemic, we thoroughly protected them. I am sure that we will be even more attentive in the current situation.

Today, when our army continues its historic mission, it is necessary to reduce the burden on the state, as well as on the healthcare system, as much as possible. It is important now that all resources are concentrated on the liberation of our lands from occupation.

Taking care of our health, being vigilant and disciplined, we at the same time help and protect our soldiers on the front line. I am sure that we will cope with this task and once again prove that our strength is in unity,” Azerbaijani First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva said.

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