Full responsibility for what is happening now lies squarely with Pashinyan, says Azerbaijani president

Full responsibility for what is happening now lies squarely with Pashinyan, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in an interview with the Russian TASS news agency, SİA reports.

“This is someone who not only happened to come in power by chance but also brought a lot of suffering and grief to the Azerbaijani and the Armenian people. He is a foster child of Soros. This is a person who, in his previous life, has always opposed Armenia’s cooperation with Russia. His party was called “Exit” – exit from the CSTO, exit from the EurAsEC. Pashinyan's team is almost entirely made up of representatives of non-governmental organizations funded by the West – the Soros Foundation, Amnesty International, Transparency, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House. People represented in the Armenian government today used to throw eggs at the Russian Embassy and chanted slogans like “Get out, Russian invaders”. Therefore, to be honest, I am surprised that a certain part of the Russian political establishment supports this criminal terrorist regime. The fact that they hit the sleeping city of Ganja twice with ballistic missiles and deliberately targeted residential areas in order to kill as many people as possible is a bloody crime. They are being brought to account for this crime on the battlefield, and if they don’t change their minds, their end will be very deplorable. Therefore, returning to your question, we are committed to the fundamental principles. We believe that a settlement is possible, but for this to happen the Armenian side must before it is too late and while it is only on its knees before us, accept these principles and move the conflict from the hot phase to the stage of political settlement,” the head of state said.

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