Defense Ministry: Reservists hold training session in Nakhchivan

Under the training plan of the Combined Arms Army for 2024, a training session is held in the military units in which a group of reservists is involved in the framework of joint events with the Main Department of the State Service for Mobilization and Conscription for Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry told SIA.

Reservists are provided with military uniforms and other types of supply after passing the registration and medical examination.

The focus of the training session for reservists is to maintain the combat capability of military units at a constant high level, to call up reserve personnel to the Army during mobilization and during the war (armed conflict), as well as to improve the combat skills, military qualifications and experience of military officials, as well as to teach the rules of operation of modern weapons and equipment adopted in the armament.

As part of the session, theoretical and practical classes on various specialties will be held in order to increase the level of combat training of reservists, as well as improve their knowledge and skills.

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