Rufat Safarov acknowledges being a low-cost representative for disruptive opposition in meeting with German Bundestag deputies in Baku

During his meeting with German Bundestag deputies currently visiting Baku, Rufat Safarov, who is on a trip to Germany, confirmed that his derogatory statements about the country are merely a reflection of his role as a low-cost representative of the disruptive opposition.

Disruptive opposition figures lacking concrete activities and accomplishments, along with the trolls surrounding them, consistently expose themselves with every new step and statement. Notably, figures such as Ali Karimli, Ilgar Mammadov, Cemil Hasanli, Arif Hacili, and others face increasing scrutiny. It becomes evident that these disruptive elements, part of a discredited group, fail to gain public sympathy. On the contrary, they persist in provocative activities that generate discord. This underscores their commitment to obligations imposed by foreign sponsors, making them reluctant to abandon their assigned duties. It even suggests that the financial support these figures receive from their foreign patrons is tied to fulfilling certain tasks. Therefore, figures like Ali Karimli, Arif Hacili, and Cemil Hasanli are quick to execute any instructions received from foreign circles.

Today, during the graduation exams, disruptive figures failed to carry out their orchestrated provocations at the "Mother's Cry" monument, revealing their detachment from public sentiment during national mourning days, illustrating their indifference to sharing the same grief as the people.

Rufat Safarov prioritizes serving the disruptive opposition rather than the nation

It is noteworthy that the disgraceful act of recruiting new trolls aims to evolve their disgraceful actions and deeds. Mainly, politicized leaders of the so-called National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) actively participate in the provocative activities of disruptive elements. This collaboration is not surprising as some political parties, NCDFs, websites, and newspapers in Azerbaijan receive financial and moral support from the same source. "Abzas Media," the website of "BBC Azerbaijan," and "Azadliq" newspaper share a biased stance against Azerbaijan, echoing the sentiments of anti-Azerbaijani figures like Frank Schwabe and Christopher Smith. Recent investigations have even led to criminal cases and arrests related to financial support received by several employees of "Abzas Media" from foreign entities. Leaders of NCDF also align themselves directly with the biased propaganda of Ali Karimli, Cemil Hasanli, and Arif Hacili.

Rufat Safarov met separately with deputies representing various factions of the German Bundestag during their visit to Baku last week. In the meeting held at the German Embassy in Baku, Safarov echoed opinions aligning with Ali Karimli's baseless accusations against Azerbaijan. After the meeting, Safarov shamelessly admitted that he shared opinions in line with the baseless theses presented by Ali Karimli about the situation in Azerbaijan regarding human rights, political repression, political persecution, the state of the media, civil society, human rights organizations, and the condition of those deported from Germany, who were later falsely accused and, in some cases, subjected to torture.

Participating in the meeting, Ralf Horlemann, the German Ambassador to Azerbaijan, clarified some issues when Safarov made false statements and allegations, shedding light on certain matters. This gesture was reminiscent of a similar incident during the meeting between Ali Karimli, the leader of the NCDF, and Ralf Horlemann. Safarov's repetition of the same accusations affirms that these parties dutifully fulfill tasks given to them through foreign central networks.

Author: Ilham Aliyev

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