Japan assumes UN Security Council presidency for March

Japan assumed the presidency of the UN Security Council for March on Friday, SİA informs via the Anadolu Agency.

Japan's UN Ambassador Yamazaki Kazuyuki said two signature events will top the agenda: "first is regarding nuclear disarmament non-proliferation, and the second feature event is on peacebuilding on the core conflict prevention."

On the matter of Gaza, Kazuyuki said the Security Council is planning to convene on March 7 under a session related to the Middle East, which he described as an "opportunity for the Security Council to discuss the issues related to Gaza."

Asked about Israel breaching resolutions issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Kazuyuki said Japan is not on the ground and added, "We need to refrain from providing any specific legal assessment on this particular case."

He further continued by describing the incidents in Gaza as "very tragic," but added that Israel has the right to protect its people while abiding by international rule and humanitarian law as a member state.

Noting that the activities of UNRWA are very important and "indispensable," Kazuyuki expressed hopes that trust in the agency will be rebuilt as soon as possible.

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