German Delegation briefed on Azerbaijan's "Great Return" Program for liberated territories

A delegation from the German Bundestag's Committee on Legal Affairs, currently on a visit to Baku under the auspices of the State Committee on Displaced Persons and Refugees Affairs, has been briefed on the "First State Program on the Great Return to Liberated Territories." SİA reports citing the State Committee on Displaced Persons and Refugees Affairs (Displacement Committee).

Leading the delegation, Chairperson Elizabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, along with deputies Canan Bayram, Stefan Brandner, Sonja Afheldt, Susanne Hirl, Torsten Lib, Karsten Müller, and Jan Nolte, engaged in discussions that included Azerbaijan's State Committee Chair Rovshan Rzayev. Also present were the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Azerbaijan, Ralf Horlemann, and the Advisor to the German Foreign Minister, Jan Schlixtin.

Rzayev provided historical context for Azerbaijan's displacement and refugee challenges, shedding light on the ongoing state policies addressing these issues. The meeting delved into projects related to preparing displaced populations for the "Great Return," underscoring collaboration with the German International Cooperation Society (GIZ).

Highlighting Germany's vested interest in South Caucasus security, delegation head Elizabeth Winkelmeier-Becker emphasized Germany's concern for peace talks between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The discussions covered diverse aspects of the "Great Return," exploring possibilities for the cohabitation of Azerbaijani and Armenian communities in the liberated territories. The delegation expressed mutual interest in other pertinent matters.

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