Colloquium on "What future for Kanaky – New Caledonia?" arranged at French National Assembly

A colloquium entitled " What future for Kanaky – New Caledonia?" has been organized at the French National Assembly, by Andre Chassaigne, President of the Democratic and Republican Left group at the French National Assembly, Cécile Chuguierman, President of the Kanak Communist, Republican, Civic and Environmental Group, and Senator Robert Xowie, a member of the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front.

The function was graced by representatives of the indigenous people - the Kanaks of New Caledonia, as well as representatives of the Kanak people who attended the Istanbul conference, arranged by the Baku Initiative Group.

A colloquium focused on the ongoing challenges concerning the Kanak people, as well as the political situation in New Caledonia, a warning about a political stalemate, and persistent legal disagreements.

Addressing the colloquium, Vice President of the Caledonian Union (UC) Political Party, New Caledonia Member of Government, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Culture and Sports Mickaël Forrest provided an insight into the political history of the island, highlighting the lobbying process, as well as steps taken at an international level.

Mentioning the groups wishing the independence and sovereignty for the island by utilization various platforms, Mickaël Forrest specially highlighted the Baku Initiative Group, established as part of the Azerbaijan's chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement and shed light on the efforts made in the international arena regarding the island's independence thanks to the Baku Initiative Group.

Recalling the remarks concerning the French government at the UN General Assembly thanks to the group's efforts, Mickaël Forrest said: "The General Assembly officially called on official Paris to investigate the major problems related to racial discrimination in the law enforcement agencies, respect and promote the freedom of peaceful assembly, but the French government, in turn, still ignores these calls." The minister urged France to comply with the above-mentioned calls and respect the rights of small nations.

The participants emphasized that the current stance and actions of Macron's government are exacerbating tensions and contributing to conflict escalation. They expressed hope that France would adopt a more prudent approach to quell these tensions and pave the way for constructive negotiations and consensus-building. The Kanak people stand firmly against any amendments to the Basic Law and remain steadfast in their demand for independence.

The colloquium event then featured a Q&A session.

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