Media: Iranian special services stand behind attack on Azerbaijani embassy

Iranian special services are behind the terror attack against the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran, SİA informs referring to Caliber, citing reliable sources.

“First, the Iranian side, trying to cover their traces and create a distracting informational hype, posts fake news about the alleged ‘Armenian trace,’ which in this case is an outright lie and an attempt to mislead the Azerbaijani public.

The next version by the Iranian propaganda: allegedly, the Iranian Yasin Huseynzadeh came with two children to ‘release his wife,’ who allegedly for some reason was kept on the territory of the embassy. This is also pure fiction and a cheap attempt to present the terror attack planned by the Iranian special services as an everyday crime,” Caliber reported.

An armed attack took place on the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Iran on January 27, 2023, at about 8:30 (GMT+4).

As a result of an armed attack, the Head of the security service of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran, Orkhan Asgarov, was killed, and two embassy security officers were injured.

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