Deputy prosecutor general: Significant steps taken to bring members of illegal Armenian armed detachment to justice

Significant work has been done towards holding subversive Armenian militaries and members of illegal armed detachment accountable for the crimes they committed against captured and hostage Azerbaijanis within the criminal procedural legislation and following the requirements of international law, Deputy Prosecutor General Heydar Mammadov said at the conference themed 'Main guarantees of human rights', SİA informs.

According to him, important work has been done towards the restoration of the violated rights of Azerbaijani citizens who were forcibly displaced from their native lands for 30 years, compensation for the material and moral damage they have suffered, as well as the evaluation of Azerbaijani historical, cultural and religious monuments destroyed by Armenian vandals, the calculation of the damage caused to the Azerbaijani Republic as a result of the occupation.

Mammadov said that over the past two and a half years, under the professional leadership of Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev, as a result of large-scale reforms aimed at the protection of the rights of Azerbaijani citizens and the requirements of the modern era, the prosecutor's office has done important work in the direction of protecting people's rights during criminal prosecution: "As a result of the reforms, the prosecutor's office is successfully carrying out the activities of protecting people's rights in the field outside of criminal prosecution. Thus, as a result of the successful operation of the non-criminal proceedings department created within the framework of the reforms, the protection of the violated rights of our citizens in the administrative field is ensured.”

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