Number of COVID cases stabilizes in Azerbaijan

"The number of the COVID-19 cases in Azerbaijan was on the rise for a certain period and then began to decline. Currently, there is stability in the cases of infection," said Nazrin Mustafayeva, an infectious disease specialist at the Infectious Diseases Working Group of the Azerbaijani Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB), Report informs.

According to her, the number of people recovering from the disease exceeds the new cases of infection: "This is positive because when the numbers rise, and the process continues for a long time, the number of active patients increases. Hospitals and doctors are overloaded. The current stabilization and decline is a positive sign."

She said that it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it after infection: "Therefore, we must try not to get sick. We do not use vaccines to avoid every disease. Vaccines are used to prevent infectious diseases. This practice has been going on for centuries. Some diseases have even been eradicated. We are lucky that vaccines that have been proven to be quite effective and safe in a short period of time have been developed. Another advantage of our country is the ability to use several types of vaccines. Mass vaccination has been launched in the country for about nine months. The primary goal here is to gain immunity and protect against disease. The high number of infections can surprise citizens. I would like to say that vaccinated people can also be infected. Vaccination does not protect us from infection. There is no need to be afraid of getting infected after taking both doses of the vaccine. Because immunity develops, we are protected from severe illness, hospitalization, resuscitation, and, most importantly, death. Another point is that mass vaccination also affects the chain of infection. Many countries are trying to keep the age of vaccination to a minimum. The main reason for this is to break the chain of infection in society in general."

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