Are herbal teas actually harmful? - Nutritionist explains

Today, excess weight remains a prevalent issue for many and we are constantly striving to find ways to combat it.

We often turn to exercise, diet, proper nutrition, and herbal teas as potential solutions. However, these methods may not always be effective due to our own choices. At times, we may use improper diets or unregulated herbal teas, leading to weight gain and potential damage to our health.

Dr. Leyla Zulfugarlı, a reputable doctor, nutritionist, and author of many nutrition books, recently shared her insights on this topic with SIA.

According to her, there are three key principles for proper nutrition:

1) A balanced diet that includes all essential food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids.

2) Moderation in food consumption.

3) The crucial timing of meals.

"As a dietician, I have introduced the first-ever recipe for medicinal tea in our country, called Detox LZ and TeaLax. These herbal teas are composed of 7 herbs, each with a specific purpose. They cleanse our liver-biliary tract, increase intestinal motility, speed up metabolism, and effectively eliminate toxins from the body," nutritionist said.

"Unlike black tea, which can lead to weight gain due to its iron-expelling and toxin-loading properties, these medicinal teas have numerous benefits and no harmful effects. It is crucial for people to carefully examine the ingredients of any herbal tea claiming to aid in weight loss, as many products on the market falsely advertise under the name of 'slimming tea.' Only by choosing a tea with the right ingredients can we truly reap its benefits," she added.

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