Armenians fire on Azerbaijani positions in Kalbajar and Tovuz districts

On the night of October 3-4, the Armenian armed forces periodically fired on the positions of the Azerbaijan Army in Zivel, Zaylik, and Istisu settlements of the Kalbajar district, and Aghdam and Garalar settlements of the Tovuz district from the positions in the Subatan, Yukari Shorja and Istisu settlements of Basarkecher region and Chinarli and Kolagir settlements of the Tovuzgala region of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border using various caliber weapons, SİA informs, citing the Defense Ministry.

The Azerbaijan Army Units took adequate retaliatory measures.

“The entire responsibility for the purposeful escalation of the situation rests with the military and political leadership of Armenia,” the ministry said.

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